About Leah & the Ministry

As a teenager, Leah Holder discovered her God-given gifts of public speaking and writing. Since then, she has shared those gifts with countless people. Leah graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, Phi Beta Kappa, and she later earned a juris doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Texas School of Law. She currently works as a trial attorney at the Lanier Law Firm. Leah is also the founder and CEO of Going Higher Ministries and a servant-leader at Fallbrook Church in Houston, Texas.

Although born in the great state of Oklahoma, Leah Holder was raised in the great state of Texas. Growing up in a solid Christian home, she was blessed to accept Christ as her Savior as a young girl. Even so, she has grown and continues to grow in her faith.

Leah attended Westbury Christian School in Houston from 2nd grade until her high school graduation. During her high school years, Leah discovered her God-given gifts and passion for public speaking and writing. As a result, she began to speak at different venues, including her school, various churches, and youth summer camps. Her experiences at these camps triggered her passion for sharing her gifts and testimony with young people. She strove to be a counterexample to all the negative, worldly examples to which they were exposed. Leah carried and cultivated these gifts and passions during her matriculation at the University of Texas at Austin. She continued to write, speak, and mentor. During this time, she began speaking to young people specifically about sexual purity and her personal commitment to guard her virginity until marriage. Upon her graduation from the University of Texas, Leah joined the Teach For America Corps; she was assigned to teach 2nd grade in inner-city Houston. She continued to speak during this time, and she also authored her first book, No Trespassing: I’m God’s Property. After fulfilling her teaching commitment, Leah enrolled at the University of Texas School of Law. While Leah is grateful to God and honored to be a part of these highly selective programs, Teach For America and the University of Texas School of Law, she is equally grateful to God and honored to be a part of Going Higher Ministries!

Going Higher Ministries was formed out of God's tugging and encouragement for Leah to maximize her gifts for His glory. The purpose of Going Higher Ministries is to either introduce individuals to Christ or help them grow in Christ via motivational speaking, writing, and service. It is Leah's hope that countless people, young and old, will meet and mature in Christ by way of this ministry.

What People Are Saying

"After Leah spoke at our Youth Experience event, all the young adults had many questions regarding her journey of purity. Her life's testimony was one of encouragement to them. Leah also moved our congregation with words of wisdom in two different services at our church. The planning committee has already put together possible dates for her to come again next year! Leah Holder truly is a voice for purity in the 21st Century."

Youth pastor
Knox Presbyterian, Los Angeles, California

"I want to thank you once again for blessing me with a copy of your book. I just couldn't put it down! I finished it, and it pretty much CHANGED MY LIFE. I just want to encourage you to keep spreading the Gospel and the crucial message of purity. Your demonstrations are excellent! I pray that God will continue to bless you and send your ministry to higher places, even worldwide. You are beautiful, inspiring, and a blessing to so many. I was very thankful to meet you."

College Student

"I had so many epiphanies this weekend because of your messages. I appreciate what you do. Your words really had me thinking about my walk with God. GOD'S WAY IS THE BEST WAY! I will never forget that. Again, thank you! You are phenomenal!"

Age 15

"I am so thankful Leah came to my church. My girls were blessed. My 16-year-old recorded some of Leah's presentation and started listening to it as soon as we got home. Leah is such an awesome example of God's goodness in her life. May He continue to use her for His kingdom and bless her abundantly for all she does. We love and appreciate her."

Sugar Creek Baptist Church

"I am glad I invited Leah, because she was able to keep it real with the girls by using practical demonstrations. Leah had the challenge of speaking to a widely varied group, with ages ranging from middle school to college, but she was able to encompass everyone and maintain their attention.

I recommend Leah to others, because she has a true gift from the Lord of speaking her heart. Her passion to remain sexually pure and pure in heart is contagious!"

Girls' Ministry Associate of LYF Student Ministries

"I am glad I invited Leah to speak at my church, because the girls and their moms really appreciated Leah reiterating what they have been telling their girls. The moms would like to have Leah come back and speak to more of our young girls. One mom stated that it was good for the girls to hear about saving themselves for marriage from a 'beautiful young lady close to their age.' Another mom also stated that she wished someone had shared this information with her when she was a young girl, especially the part about being a ruby, a precious jewel. My thirteen-year-old daughter stated that Leah gets her point across with a soft-spoken voice (not yelling). My thirteen-year-old also asked me who was talking to the boys.

I would recommend Leah to speak to youth, because she is able to get her point across to them without intimidating them. Leah is an awesome speaker and relates well to youth."

Youth Worker

"Leah has the gift of connecting with people. Her demeanor is Christ-exalting and her delivery is captivating. She has a unique passion that radiates the love of Christ and adds value to others."

Dr. Stephen Trammell, Executive Pastor
Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

"Leah Holder is a young woman who lives the life she defends - a life pleasing to God according to His Word. She is a role model among her peers, and the young and old alike. Her gentle yet forthright spirit, together with her understanding of scripture, combine to deliver a powerful and effective message, whether written or oral. Going Higher Ministries will change lives!"

Janice Pettaway, Founder/Executive Director
DMP Ministries, Inc.

"Having had the pleasure to have informal conversations with Leah, see her speak, and then being honored to read the outline of her first book ("No Trespassing!"), I'm blown away! She exudes tremendous poise on the big stage speaking to large audiences; yet she is so approachable that the shy preteen, teenager, or college student feels safe talking to her one-on-one. Yes, Leah has the entire package, she is beautiful, athletic, and smart (being accepting into one of the most prestigious law schools in the US). But where she'll steal your heart is with her passion for Jesus Christ and her God-given ability to articulate it without being 'preachy.' If you have a group of young girls or boys who want to have healthy relationships, glorify God, and do so with no regrets, book Leah Holder to come speak to them today!"

"Leah is a rare gem that shines brightly for Christ through her lifestyle and her witness. I am elated to see her launch Going Higher Ministries and pen her first book. You will be captivated by her smile, beauty, and intelligence, but you will soon discover that this young woman loves the Lord and has wisdom that is far beyond her years. She has an ability to communicate and apply the truth of God's word to a broad audience."

Talulah Ruger, MSN, RN, M.A./CE
Founder/CEO Talulah Ruger Ministries, INC
Executive Director, Great Expectations TEEAM, LLC

"Leah is an awesome speaker who is confident in her relationship with God. She is sincere and engages an audience when she speaks. Leah's future will consist of telling her story as she lives for Jesus!"

Tonnia Cotton, Founder
Teens Living for Christ (TLC)

"Rarely does someone come along at such a young age with the wisdom, poise, grace, and spirit of Leah Holder. She possesses all of the tools of an aspiring master speaker. The Lord will use Ms. Holder in mighty ways and I cannot wait to witness the anointed exploits of such a gifted woman of God."

Wilray Cormier, Youth Director
Fallbrook Church

"Leah has a heart full of God's love and passion. It only takes a minute of listening to her to feel that love. God will continue to use her words to minister to a world looking for love and hope."

Patricia Harless, State Representative, District 126
Texas House of Representatives

"Leah Holder is an articulate, passionate young leader for the cause of Christ. Her desire to see the next generation reached for the Kingdom is evident in her speaking. Her apologetic approach to her own personal journey is captivating and enlightening. I would definitely recommend inviting Leah as a featured speaker."