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"Where was this book when I was a teenager? Leah communicates encouraging, straight-forward truths about sex and relationships at a time when our culture desperately needs to hear it. This is a must-read for every teen girl and young woman, as well as single adult ladies. The truths in this book not only have the power to change lives but to transform our society."
"This book is absolutely wonderful! I want every girl to read it and be blessed by it. Leah Holder does such a great job of lovingly connecting truth about sexual purity into modern teenage vernacular. She provides sound logic and strong Biblical application. She goes to the heart of sexual purity issues with such stark honesty and clarity that every teenager and adult can relate to and be benefited by this book. No Trespassing: I'm God's Property is a must-read for teenagers and young adult women!"
Dr. Mark Hartman, Lead Pastor
Sugar Creek Baptist Church
"From reading No Trespassing: I'm God's Property, I learned how much control I have over sexual temptation and my sexual purity. Leah Holder's advice is very practical and not 'preachy.' This is a spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional handbook, and I highly recommend it to all young ladies!"
Kelly, age 26
"What a blessing No Trespassing: I'm God's Property has been. I couldn't put it down! Leah Holder is such an inspiration and wise beyond her years. I'll be 40 years old this year and have lived a celibate life since the death of my husband in 2005. Life is sometimes challenging. I know Leah may have written this book with the teenagers and single young adults in mind, but she touched my heart and spoke to it so candidly. She reminded me of my self-worth and how important it is for my physical and spiritual health to be virtuous. Lining up with God's word is truly a blessing.

My daughter (age 14) is enjoying the book as well. She's been sharing it with her friends over lunch. Leah speaks her language too, and she's getting a kick out of the humor Leah uses. I am grateful for this book!"
TJ, age 39
"I'm a person who reads my Bible daily. When it comes to reading books, it's sometimes hard for me to stay focused. However, No Trespassing: I'm God's Property is easy reading and gets down to the point. Many girls, from all backgrounds, will be able to read and understand God's way to live sexually pure lives. If this book was available during my teenage years, it would have saved me from a lot of heartaches. But this book reminded me of the power of God's forgiveness. I recommend that all teenagers, Christian or not, read this book, because it could have a positive impact on their destiny."